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What are the common pits in the construction of concrete solidified floor?

  • 2021-10-09

What are the common pits in the construction of concrete solidified floor?

In reality, not everyone is an expert in the floor industry, and everyone knows the knowledge about concrete sealing curing agents from the exchanges between peers. Many aspects may be half-understood, which may lead to some misunderstandings of knowledge, and thus affect To the progress of construction.

So, what are the common misunderstandings in concrete sealing and curing floor construction? Xingyi, as an old driver in the solidification of the floor industry, will introduce to you as follows.

1. The concrete sealing curing agent can completely seal the ground and prevent seepage. (mistaken)

The concrete sealing and curing agent floor does not completely seal the pores in the concrete, and there is still room to maintain a "breathable" state. This also makes the cured floor in a humid environment (such as a basement), not due to moisture Evaporation and the whole arching causes the shell to fall off. The long service life of 20-30 years is the benefit of this.

2. The more the concrete sealing curing agent is used, the better. (mistaken)

In the construction of a solidified floor, the amount of curing agent is not the better. If the amount is too much, it is easy to form a crystalline layer on the surface of the floor, causing whitening and frosting, which affects the effect feedback in the later stage.

3. Regardless of the flatness of the ground, the solidified floor can be constructed to achieve an ultra-flat mirror effect. (mistaken)

An important step in the preliminary process of concrete curing floor construction is the treatment of the base surface. This process requires us to clean up the original ground and find equal work. The "leveling" is intended to improve the flatness of the ground. The leveling effect has a close influence on the later ground polishing.

To make a perfect super-flat mirror effect, we even need to use a laser leveling machine to obtain a higher level of flatness during the leveling process; on the contrary, when the concrete surface has a very large drop, the depth of the polishing will also be Increasingly, just relying on polishing to make the mirror surface of the concrete smooth will probably completely polish away the concrete leveling layer.

Fourth, the concrete sealed and solidified floor can prevent static electricity. (mistaken)

The anti-static effect of the concrete sealing and curing floor is limited, and the simple curing floor cannot meet the needs of high-level anti-static factories. A professional anti-static floor needs to be further laid with a dedicated copper foil system or painted with anti-static paint to achieve the effect of guiding static electricity.

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