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How to maintain the floor grinder

  • 2021-10-06

How to maintain the floor grinder?

Floor grinders are construction equipment for builders. Incorrect use and long-term maintenance without maintenance during long-term use will shorten the service life of the floor grinders. The builders hope that the machines they buy can create big profits. Then we have to start with the use and maintenance of the floor sanding machine.

Daily maintenance of floor grinder:

1. Clean all parts of the machine after each use of the floor grinder, and focus on cleaning the dust on the dust cover and grinding disc.

2. Clean the water tank of the floor grinder every five days or so to avoid the clogging of the sewage filter by the sediment.

3. After each construction, check the machine for loose screws, and tighten the screws again.

4. For the floor grinder after dry grinding, there is more dust in the floor grinder. Use a cold fan to blow from the top of the inverter box from time to time until the fan is dust-free.

5. Regularly change the gear oil for the floor grinder. The new machine is generally changed every 6 months, and then every 1 year.

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