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Important parameters that affect the function of floor grinder

  • October 13, 2021

Important parameters that affect the function of floor grinder

1. The operation mode of the grinding head of the floor grinder.

There are generally two ways: single type and planetary type. The more complex the way the grinding head operates, the greater the grinding force, the higher the efficiency, and the better the clarity of the stone. Therefore, multi-planet grinding is an ideal grinding method.

2. The grinding width of the floor grinder. Generally, the greater the grinding width of the floor grinder, the higher the flatness of the construction ground; but the model with the expanded grinding range will reduce the intensity of the grinding.

3. Rotation speed of floor grinder. Generally, the higher the rotation speed of the grinding head, the greater the grinding force, but an excessively high rotation speed will reduce the friction force of the abrasive polished stone surface, reduce the operation stability of the machine, and reduce the construction quality at the same time. Therefore, the speed depends not only on the abrasive, but also on the properties of the stone, the construction process, and many other factors. If there are no reliable parameters, you can do a small area experiment first.

4. The bridge floor grinder is heavier, has a large torque, and has high grinding efficiency on hard ground, but it is not flexible enough in use, high production cost, laborious operation, high cost of supporting facilities and accessories, and high operating cost.

5. The hand-push floor grinder is light in itself, suitable for small area grinding, flexible and flexible, low in price, low working cost, can be used in one machine, and can be weighted, with water tank, and the chassis is equipped with grinding discs and scouring pads. Connected device.

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