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Introduction of milling, planing and chiseling machine (FAQ version)

  • July 29, 2020
1: Under what circumstances is the chiseling, milling and planing integrated machine used?
Answer: Mainly used for picking, repairing, refurbishing and secondary strengthening of highways, high-speed railway bridge decks and box girder concrete surfaces. If the indoor floor is made high, you can also use it to mill out the high part, as well as anti-skid chipping treatment of marble granite, road zebra crossing removal, floor renovation and old coating cleaning.
Note: Generally it is concrete floor, epoxy; elastic ones are not easy to use

2. What is the depth of milling, chiseling and grinding?
Answer: The milling depth of ordinary concrete (C25) can reach 15mm at one time, and the milling depth of high standard concrete (C50) can reach 10mm at one time.
The normal speed of C25 concrete is 3-5mm in the past, and 15mm is slow.
3. How many square meters can be used for a set of alloy blades per day? How many squares can be chiseled a day?
Answer: A set of alloy cutter heads for ordinary concrete (C25) can chisel 4000-5000㎡, and a set of alloy cutters for high-standard concrete (C50) can chisel 1000㎡ a day. Depth 3-5mm
4. How many square meters can a set of alloy cutter head use for milling a day? How many squares can be milled in a day?
Answer: The life of the milling machine has a lot to do with the depth of the milling and the marking of the concrete. The actual data is difficult to measure. If calculated according to the 10mm depth of ordinary concrete (C25) milling, an average set of alloy wheels can process about 1500-2000㎡. 300-500 square meters a day.
5. Are there different alloy cutter heads to choose from according to different ground conditions?
Answer: Strictly speaking, it is indeed necessary to choose different alloy wheels according to the different ground conditions, but this undoubtedly increases the difficulty for the operator to use the equipment. Many operators cannot distinguish which alloy wheels are most suitable for which ground. Not a professional. As a manufacturer, the alloy wheels we shipped from the factory have undergone repeated tests. Finally, based on actual results, we have selected the set of alloy wheels that are suitable for various complex grounds and have better processing effects and are durable. This is the alloy wheel that we configure for customers at the factory. (If the ground hole is larger, use an alloy wheel with a larger gap, and use an alloy wheel with a smaller gap if it is thinner)

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